The Veterans Trust, Joe Heck Racing, Nicodemus, and FARA USA team up to host racetrack events for veterans 4 times per year. Guests get VIP access to the entire NASCAR Championship Homestead-Miami Speedway and enjoy a day with fellow veterans and supporters as some of the most extreme race cars zip by at speeds of up to 200mph.

Additionally, Veterans and their immediate family members have the opportunity to take a ride in one of dozens of professional race cars/cup cars on the championship track. Guests get strapped into the passenger seat and take the ‘hot lap’ ride of their life. Cars range from NASCAR cup cars to Corvette Z06s, Mustangs to McLarens, and everything in between. Our volunteer staff, race team and professional drivers ensure that each guest enjoys themselves thoroughly.

TVT’s mission is to provide leadership and guidance to veteran communities with an emphasis on positive military and veteran quality of life. 

The Veterans Trust