Through the lens of motorsports, we stay true to our core beliefs:

We were the first to both modify cup cars (NASCARs) for our handicapped veterans & first responders and also provide them with a free nationwide race experience program where they get to enjoy first hand the adrenaline and lifelong memory of 180+ mph speeds on some of the most legendary tracks in the country.

Today, we’re proud to continue innovating and pioneering motorsports for our community by collaborating with another amazing foundation that is doing incredible work for our Brothers & Sisters: The Resilience Racing Foundation.


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Automotive Engineering Experts

As part of our “Race Experience” program, we’ve fabricated and modified race cars to benefit our fellow disabled veterans and first responders. However, the Resilience Racing Foundation is a pioneer in that space and we’re very proud to be collaborating with them to continue innovating together.

They’re a veteran organization committed to advancing adaptive hand control technologies, and like us, believe in the profound benefits of “motorsports therapy” for our nation’s warriors.

On that collaborative spirit, we’re looking for members of our community with the expertise and desire to be part this extraordinary initiative that creates affordable racing-specific hand controls to enable amputees and lower-paralyzed veterans to participate in wheel to wheel racing. The project is almost completed but it’s in need of expertise to help finalize certain design features and integration of electronic components.

If you’re interested in learning more and are willing and able to help,  we’d love to connect with you so please complete the form below and we’ll reach-out soon.

Seeking Volunteers

Automotive Electrical Engineer

Experience examples: Implementation of Tolomatic electric actuators, throttle potentiometer sensor integration, clutch potentiometer sensor integration, brake sensor load cell integration, integration of 48v power convertor from 12v automotive charging system.

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Seeking Volunteers

Automotive Mechanical Engineer

Experience examples: Automotive fabrication & mechanics, production of adaptive wheel mechanics by CNC or 3D Printing, custom designing and prototyping using 3D printers and CNC machines, fabrication of sensor mounts, paddles, handles and electronic actuators.

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If you have the expertise outlined above and feel compelled to assist in this project, then we’d love to connect with you. Please complete the contact form below and we’ll be sure to reach-out as soon as possible.