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We’re an innovative 501c3 supporting our nations heroes and your donation will support a combination of initiatives, grants, scholarships and events.

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I applaud the passion and commitment of The Veterans Trust in supporting our Service Members as they transition, their unwavering support to veteran's academic success, and then shepherding our veterans as they enter the work force. The Veterans Trust recognizes the incredible attributes of our returning Veterans and the powerful impact they can have on our businesses and communities. I take great pride in their accomplishments.

Lt. Gen. Andrew PoppasU.S. Army Joint Chief's Of Staff

I call upon the good people of Miami-Dade County to join me in praising The Veterans Trust for making a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

Carlos GimenezMiami-Dade County Mayor

The Veterans Trust is an amazing philanthropic organization that provides invaluable resources to veterans and their families. They have provided funding to establish student veterans centers in several colleges and universities in Florida and has been a tremendous supporter of United Way MISSION UNITED. Most excitingly, they have partnered with professional race car drivers to provide veterans and their families rides in high-speed racecars on racetracks throughout the country; and certain cars have been retrofitted to provide this opportunity to disabled veterans.

Stephen MossFounder - Mission United

As a Vietnam Marine Veteran, I have witnessed firsthand the dedication, commitment and respect of The Veterans Trust for our military, veterans and their families. Selfless service to community and country do not cease once the uniform is hung up in the closet---and these men and women know it. What you have created and captured provides the platform for continued leadership, recalibrated perspective, and profound meaning in our lives today and tomorrow.

John BambacusUSMC Veteran & Fmr. Maryland Senator